Click below to find general information on retirement under the terms of the Public Servants’ Pension Scheme (PSPS) and on the taxation, contributions, and benefit regulations applicable to pensioners.

It is likely that most visitors to this website will be PSPS pensioners and, therefore, already retired. However, the RSEA believes that it is worthwhile including information on a range of topics that will be of help and interest to public servants (including those who have left States employment but have deferred their pension benefits) who might be considering, or are already approaching retirement, soon. As many PSPS pensioners have also been former employees in the UK, we have included appropriate references to UK sources.

We will publish additional content as soon as practicable but, meanwhile, we have included links to information about:

  • the current Rules of the Public Servants’ Pension Scheme,
  • States Pension (formerly known as Old Age Pension, payable by the States of Guernsey),
  • Retirement Pension (payable by the UK Department for Work & Pensions), and
  • Links to general information about taxation and contributions in Guernsey, which are administered through the Revenue Service and the Committee for Employment & Social Security.

The current Rules of the Public Servants’ Pension Scheme were approved by the States of Deliberation on 22nd May 2019, following consideration of a policy letter (P2019/29) entitled ‘Public Servants’ Pension Scheme – Amendments to the Rules’, published in Billet d’État No VIII dated 30th April 2019. The Rules are set out in the Appendix to the policy letter and can be viewed by following this link.

If you are a current States employee and/or already a PSPS member, former member, pensioner or dependent (spouse, qualifying partner or dependent child) and require information about, or have any query concerning, the Public Servants’ Pension Scheme, please contact the States of Guernsey Pension Team by email to or by telephone to 01481 221993 (Option 4).

Please note that the Pensions Team are not available for drop-in appointments at Sir Charles Frossard House. All queries must be sent by email or telephone. However, appointments with a member of the Pensions Team are available upon request.

Furthermore, the Pensions Team are not currently (at April 2024) receiving telephone calls on a Wednesday. If you have a query at that time, please email them.


States Pension Information

What age can I claim my States Pension

Paying additional States Pension contributions if taking early retirement

Tax on Pensions 

The Revenue Service is responsible for the collection of income tax and social security contributions for Guernsey, Alderney and Herm.

The Revenue Service collects income tax and social security contributions from individuals and companies so that the States of Guernsey can deliver vital services for islanders such as education, infrastructure and health care.

General information can be found at:

More information about the Revenue Service can be found at:

This gives an overview of how the Revenue Service works and how different customers should interact with the service.

Tax on Pensions Information on the States of Guernsey website.

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