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Welcome to the New RSEA Website

By RSEA GuernseyOn April 21, 2024

We’re pleased to introduce the new version of our website. Please have a browse. We plan to develop the web content further and will welcome your ideas for topics or links that...

A Note from the President

The Association’s objectives are to represent, safeguard and advance the interests and rights of its members and to promote measures for their welfare with regard to their pensions. Our members have worked in schools and hospitals, in the emergency services and law enforcement, at the harbours and airport, for States Works, in the Royal Court, or in many other technical, policy, professional, financial and administrative roles in the various States Departments, Committees and trading bodies.

As the current President, I am well aware of long-standing concerns that the Association has previously had only extremely limited opportunity to communicate directly with its members and I am confident that the website will be a significant improvement. The Committee will be able to keep you informed, in particular, about the Public Servants’ Pension Scheme and the likely effects of any changes in the Rules. As the website develops, we plan to provide information on other subjects such as States’ policies on pensions and benefits generally, as well as on broader issues of interest to those who have retired from public service. The Committee welcomes your ideas for topics or links that could be included.

The RSEA first came about in 1994 to provide representation for former States’ employees when dealing with matters affecting their occupational pensions. Your Committee believes that it still remains essential to work closely on your behalf with other staff organisations and the States to maintain that representation.

Like many other non-profit organisations, we rely upon elected volunteers to manage the RSEA’s activities. We encourage as wide a range of diversity as possible amongst our Committee members, and are always pleased to hear from any Members, especially newer ones, who might be interested in sparing some time to help represent the interests of former colleagues from across the whole of the public services.

If you are in touch with someone who receives a pension from their past employment with the States, but who is not already a Voting Member of the RSEA, please invite them to contact us for membership details. Please feel free to get in touch by email to secretary@rsea.org.gg and we can provide more information.

Sean McManus

What your association can do for you

With your support, the RSEA can raise its profile and make its voice heard. Whilst we do what we can to keep in touch with members individually, by email where practicable or, more widely, through the website, we have an incomplete record of our membership.

As a PSPS pensioner, you are automatically a member of the RSEA but we might not already hold your contact details, even if you are already paying a subscription. If you think that is the case, or just want to make sure that we have up to date information, please send a brief note of your name, address, telephone number and email address to secretary@rsea.org.gg.

Although, at present, paying the small annual subscription is voluntary, the Committee would be most grateful if you would consider the option to support the RSEA by becoming a Voting Member. An Application Form, which you can complete and send by post or email to the Secretary, can be found here.


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